When you see his D for the first time .




    Tomodachi Life

    You know, I thought the next must-have 3DS game would be Super Smash Bros.

    Boy, I sure was wrong!

    How is there not a gif of Miyamoto and Princess Peach frolicking on the beach?


    The Holy Trinity


    Princess Peach will always and forever be my favorite character in Smash Bros. Her Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS design is AMAZING so I had to draw it. Enjoy!


    I really think that Bianca Del Rio could take home the crown. She’s AMAZING. I LOVE her “Little rolodex of hate.” Quick witted, funny and overall, FLAWLESS. Love her. Enjoy!

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    Kill la Kill || Mako Mankanshoku → Episode 23

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    Joel Jurion

    Para conocer más de la obra de este artista francés, visiten su página en DeviantArt (Advertencia: hay un poco de contenido que puede no ser ápto para menores o personas que le teman a la figura femenina).

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